04 November 2013

If Tim Burton Got Ahold of the Avengers...

Edward Gorey - Tunnel Calamity

Saw this marvelous little treasure on the rare books floor of the Strand Bookstore in NYC. It's an accordion book which is more like an intriguing paper toy that creates the illusion of a deep stage set or space which you can look through using a small peephole.

At $60.00, it was probably quite a good deal that I unfortunately did not take advantage of.

Freaking. Cute. Bear. Doughnuts.

From. Japan. Buy them HERE.

22 October 2013

I Don't Drink, But This is the Niftiest Vodka Ever...

Package stores are quite the graphic designer's paradise, whether she drinks or not. The bottle design of Van Gogh Vodka has me obsessed! The photos do no justice: each bottle has a Van Gogh-inspired artwork on the back label which shows through the front. There are different flavors, with a different paintings, but the most awesome one is this one:

It's a 3D mini-gallery space, where at different angles you can see different paintings! I'm so in love with this, I'll buy it for anyone who wants to drink it, if only to have the bottle. ^_^

"The House in the Woods" Photoshoot

This beautiful photoshoot of forest animals exploring an abandoned house was taken by Finnish photographer Kai Fagerstorm How gorgeous!

21 October 2013

I Dunno, Mayor Bloomberg...

...you may not think this is art, but really, how can you not admire how flippin' awesome this is? Thank you Mr. Banksy for helping us to see and ponder the extraordinary in ordinary things.

13 October 2013

Pierre Jaquet-Droz Automaton

It's pretty safe to say that this little guy was the inspiration for the automaton in the movie "Hugo." So very fascinating.